Good Life Good Death - Dreamcatcher making - Tibetan Singing Bowls

Dream Catchers are derived from North American Indian Tradition. They are made in a circle to represent the wholeness of the Universe and the neverending cycle of life. They are spun from the outside leaving a whole at the centre. The good in dreams is caught in the web and held there to be dreamed again. The bad dreams excape through the holes and are burned away in the morning light of the new day. Dream Catchers are beautiful objects to bring you light and joy. They represent the "Web of Life" So book up for this delightful workshop where you will be making your own dream catcher to take home and to learn more about the Native American way of life.

It is underestimated how important it is for us to prepare for a "Good Death". Up until recently dying has been a subject preferably not talked about. Now the time has come for everyone to realize that "death" is only the beginning, and to prepare for this momentious event is to our advantage. To discover "Who we are" - "What we are here for" and "Where we are going" is the most important work we can undertake whilst in the human body. So book up for this powerful and thought provoking workshop and receive the knowlage of how to prepare for a "Good Death".