Leonora Van Gils - an Inspirational woman
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Dearest Leonora
Thank you so much for your compassion, insight, love and friendship. Our family has benefitted immeasurably from our transforming week-end with you.
Jo, Paul, Daniel, Jesse, London

My dearest Leonora
Thank you so much for the amazing work that you are doing, both for my Mother and for me. You have managed to light again the candle of hope and for that I am truly grateful. You make it all seem so much more bearable. Thank the Lord that we found you. You are one in a million.
Emma, London SW10

An absolutly amazing and deeply spiritual time shared with you Leonora. Beautiful surroundings. Thank you so much for all the love and healing.
Penny, Stonehaven, Scotland

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing J. back from the depths of despair. We could not have done this without you. Thank you also for opening my eyes to a different way of life and a way in which we will be taking with us when we leave. All our love
B & J, Essex

I am whole, pure and healded, all possibly lost forever, if it had not been for you. I will be forever grateful.
J. Essex

Thank you so much for a wonderful enlightening experience. You have opend doors I did not even know where there. I look forward to putting my new skills to good use in the coming months. Thank you also for the amazing advice, you really are inspirational and it is an honour to have worked with you.
Tina, London N7

Dear Leonora
Thank you so so much for such a wonderful life changing experience, to help me discover more about who I am, what I should be doing and where I am going. I am so pleased I had this opportunity to come and spend the last few days with you. I really hope to continue to develop the good work we started here when I go back to London life.
Libby, London SW1

Dear Leonora
Thank you for all you do for me, you ar such a wonderful person always giving so much to others. I feel so much better after the treatmenst and talking to you.
Christine, Ipswich, Suffolk.

Dear Leonora
It is such a pleasure watching you grow and radiate. You are a wonderful example to us all.
Grace, London

Dear Leonora
Many thanks for a wonderful week-end with Reiki One, in your lovley home and with lovely people! I look forward to continuing my journey with you in May.
Jackie, Bungay, Suffolk

Dear Leonora
Thank you once again for a special week-end of attunment to Reiki 2. I am using it daily and really feeling the energy!
Jackie, Bungay, Suffolk

Thank you so much for the last 10 days. My life-death view has changed under your wisdom and loving care. Thank you for being there.
Val, Dunwich, Suffolk

Thank you for all the healing you have sent me over the past few weeks. The bone in my arm has healed perfectly. With much love and thanks.
Nicki, Darsham, Suffolk

Dear Leonora
Thank you for opening your heart and your home and creating a very special week-end for Reiki 2. My time spent with you was perfect and the images will stay with me for a long time to come. I feel a lot more calm since my return home. I clear my chakras in the morning and I read the Seven Spiritual Laws at nigh. The symbols are with me all the time and I am either mentally or physically using them; they are now part of me.
Brigid, Bungay, Ipswich

Dearest Leonora
This is just a quick thank you note for a wonderful week-end. I feel so honoured and deeply touched through what I have learnt and experienced with Reiki. Leonora you are an amazing teacher. Thank you so much for everything.
Paul, Harlington, Bedfordshire

Dear Leonora
You are a special person and a wonderful friend. I have learned much from you. I shall miss your healing hands but you are needed in other places, so I will hold you in my heart and soul.
Del, Panama City, Florida

Dear Leonora
I just wanted to thank you for a fantastic holiday. You are a wonderful example of how to "walk the talk". Thank you for filling me with inspiration.
Joy, Tallahassee, Florida

I thank the Great Spirit for guiding me to your Sanctuary of Love and healing and Light and for all that I received from you. All blessings
John, Tallahassee, Florida

We came to you with no expectations. As the days went by you filled them with so much more love overful, that it overwhelmes each one of us. Nothing can take the place of what we have shared among ourselves coming here to you. In addition each one of us was so happy to receive all your attention in our special needs. We really thank you dearest Leonora from the bottom of our hearts.
Mary, Vandya, Maria, Elfriede, Brussels, Belgium

Dear Leonora
First of all, many many thanks for a most constructive and brilliant session, and would very much appreciate if I could come back for further sessions.
Erik, Ascot Berks

Dear Leonora
Thank you so very much for all of your healing, incredible magic, wisdom, and guidance, spiritual communication and sheer brilliance! I am very grateful to you for all of my healing. I think you are an angel and look forward to further treatment from you. Thank you for your healing to me and my family.
Rosemary, London

Dear Leonora,
My friends Johanna and Cheryl showed the video of your work with families and dolphins. The deep level of love where you and the dolphins work, shined right through the video and i once again remembered that sacred place in my own heart. I want to meet you and bring my family to swim with the dolphins and you.
Christl Grow, Thallahassee, Florida

Dear Leonora
Thank you so much for all your graciousness, wisdom and beauty. I do so appreciate meeting you.
Christl Grow

Every once in a while on Life's journey one reaches an island where on becomes "beached" out of shere exhauston. What a wonderf ul place to crash out! Leonora you are one of those special "energy people" that like an angel can bring back to us qualities worth making life worth living for. May God guide and look after you always. Many thanks.
Jacquie Beacon and David Gillett, Halesworth, Suffolk

Thank you for your graciousness and your healing mission, which you excecute with such grace and nurturing kindness. This has truly been a wonderful experience.
Margarete, Tallahassee, Florida

Very much enjoyed our stay with you Leonora. You are truly a delightful soul and a joy to be with. Thank you for shairng your wisdom and creativity.
Michella, Tallahassee, Florida

I knew that this week-end would be fantastic, but I had no idea how much I would learn and take with me. You have a unique ability to relax, comfort and teach people about themselves.
Paul, Milton Keans

Dearest Leonora
How blessed I am to have had the opportunity to spend time with you in your beautiful retreat home. I have had such a wonderful time, relaxing, resting and being completely nurtured by you.
Joan, Puttaparthi, India

I feel very blessed to have had this beautiful, wonderful experience. Thank you for sharing your home, your wisdom and yourself. Thank you for showing me what is possible in my life. May all the stars in the night sky sparkle love and laughter down upon you.
Joy, London

Dearest Leonora
Your infinite attention to every detail, reflects the infinite care of who you are. Thank you for such a precious and nourishing time.
Nyali, Colchester

May the blessings we receive here at Moat Hall be returned to Leonora tenfold and sent out around our earth hundredfold. Thank you.
Filicity, Herts.